The Hockey Center Nymburk is a specialist in the ice-hockey training using a special hockey treadmill, so called Skatemill, designed for all categories of the hockey players.

We are using the most modern hockey simulator based on 2,5 meters (98,4 inches) wide, movable artificial ice sheet. The training program is always prepared individually with a professional and licensed instructors with focusing on the correct skating technique and fixing of the key skating positions. Next level is a development of the „puck abilities“ – stickhandling, passing or shooting within this movement coordination during skating.

There are used 2 HD cameras – with a front and side viewto get a video feedback for each player. The video record is available on the screen after each training session and consulted immediately with the instructor. Using a very special software we can then analyse the skating techniques and upload it on the online cloud (every first and tenth session for free).

„If you want to get all the fast and various game situations under the control you have to focus on them, not the skating itself. Thus, you get much more time for the game with the correct skating technique training and that´s what make a difference between the average and great players.“

Mgr. Jakub Loučka, A license expectant (note: A license is currently the highest coach level in Czech republic).


How to book your lesson? Only by phone or email:

+420 602 726 930  – Jakub Loučka


Price list:

The current pricelist is available at the reception of Skatemill Hockey Center Nymburk.

Required equipment:

Skates, shinguards, gloves, stick and helmet.
You should come 20 minutes before the practise to get ready.

It is also possible to order an athletic or relaxation massage just after the practise.


Opening hours:

Monday – Friday 8:00 – 21:00
Weekend – by agreement